Who We Are

JBST Soccer Association was created in August of 2009. While its members are diverse and range from young children to seniors, all have a passion for soccer and want to support its growth in our Canadian community. The association is run by volunteers who take leadership from the Board of Directors. Our mission is to transmit the passion of the game to the community by promoting soccer as a lifestyle.

JBST Soccer Association is dedicated to making soccer accessible to all children, especially those from low income families who would not be able to participate otherwise.

For the Canadian society to embrace and passionately support the sport of soccer.

We seek to gain funding for soccer programs in the community that are accessible to all people regardless of their financial situation. Through these programs we will enhance the level of play in the community and instill a passion for the game in our players.


  • To raise enough money to maintain our soccer league and player development.
  • To educate parents in how to play the game and coach their children in the JBST Soccer League.
  • To produce players who are confident, passionate and highly skilled regardless of their Social – Economic Background.


  • Offer soccer clinics wherein part of the tuition will fund the association
  • Encourage parents to participate in our coaching clinics and volunteer with the League
  • To offer high quality, professional coaching at an affordable rate.

It is our excitement and passion for the game that sets us apart from other soccer promoters. It is time for the JBST Soccer Association to be present in all community neighborhoods to promote, develop, and teach soccer. You are invited to join us in this mission.