JBST Soccer Association is dedicated to developing soccer in the Vancouver Community. The beauty of this sport is its accessibility.

Considering all one needs is a soccer ball, a field and friends, any person from any financial background can play. While the sport is incredibly affordable JBST recognizes that not all children can afford training programs financially.

It is our mission to fund raise money for those children who wish to excel at the sport but cannot afford to. We do so by holding soccer clinics through our partner JBST Soccer Academy, a professional soccer school based in Greater Vancouver & The Fraser Valley, where a percentage of the fee is donated and by collecting donations from independents and business as well.

This is one of the best ways we can encourage our children to dream high about the sport of the soccer. " Action Speak more louder that words". This is the philosophy of JBST Soccer Association.

JBST Soccer Associations Members